Terra Energy Srl

Terra Energy is a spin off from the Earth Science Department of the University of Pisa built on extensive experience of the University personnel.

The company operates in the field of research and experimental development, for the assessment and exploitation of geothermal resources, covering all the "mining" topics related to geothermal energy (geological, mineralogical/petrological and geochemical surveys).

Terra Energy offer services of technological and scientific transfer to public utilities and to companies.
The operational structure is composed of geologists, experts in environmental sciences and a computer scientist.
This company takes advantage of the geothermal background experience, obtained either in Italy and abroad (Greece, Turkey, Eastern Africa, Central and South America), that the Earth Science Department has achieved since early '50, and has the objective to give highly specialized operative services in all the fields of geothermics (power production, direct uses of geothermal resources, ground source heat pumps).
Thanks to the advancement of important works of national interest, the Company has acquired considerable experience in the field of consulting in geothermal field, environmental and construction of mathematical models of groundwater.



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