Thanks to the experience gained in projects of national interest the specialists of Terra Energy can offer services in the field of geographic information system. We are in degree to ensure a competitive cost solutions for Public Organizations and Companies. The company offer the service of migrating projects from proprietary to open source GIS. We also have WEB GIS solutions. We create databases and management of spatial data, with production of thematic maps. Moreover, we carried out GPS service with subsequent data analysis and made of Cartographic map.

Markets we work with:

In the world of Energy, utilities, infrastructure, environment and finance, lower costs and satisfied customers means better business. The digitalize of data into GIS is the key to unlock the efficiency and improve services. GIS applications allow you to help your company (water, gas, electricity) to increase sustainable energy, reduce carbon emissions, to better serve customers and achieve its goals.


The company  follows the procedures needed for research of ground waters, following all aspects of resource assessment for the construction of domestic, industrial and drinking wells, by offering the following support:

  • Surveys to obtain concession for water wells, evaluating the quality of water and defending underground water
  • Surveys to characterize the resources
  • Detailed design and supervision of works for water wells
  • Acquifer tests Realization and installation of monitoring systems for hydrogeological application
  • We perform measurement of river course for studies aimed to the construction of hydroelectric power plants

Strategic Environment Assessment

Environment assessment provides an opportunity for integrating environmental management in the energy development process. The company undertakes Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for private and public development projects. We contribute to planning a strategic approach to development.

Thermographic survey

We offer thermographic analysis for renewable energy installations, for geothermal sites, landfills and for agriculture.

Environmental monitoring system

We offer environmental monitoring systems for hydrological analysis of wells and streams. As part of the project funded under the Geoheat Por Creo2007-2013 by the Tuscany Region it has been gained experience in the construction of the plant and especially environmental monitoring of soil, this in collaboration with staff of DESTEC-UNIPI. Integrated to the monitoring system the internal staff of the Spin-off has also realized a website with a real-time system to display the measured data.