Understanding and evaluating geothermal resources is a necessity to reduce resource risks and to evaluate opportunities for the development of the geothermal reservoir.

Terra Energy provide specialized expertise to understand the nature and energy production capacity of geothermal fields. The resource assessment evaluation is based on available and new acquired data, integrated in a geothermal conceptual model.

Mayor points for geothermal resource assessment:

  • Critical analysis of project data
  • Interdisciplinary, integrated conceptual and reservoir modeling
  • Reservoir potential assessment, also with volumetric methods
  • Optimization of geothermal field development with 3D model and numerical simulation
  • Evaluation of production-reinjection effects on geothermal reservoir
  • Our experience is available for all geothermal resources type: medium - high enthalpy and also for low entalphy.

Terra Energy also offers support for planning, preparation and submission of international tenders and for geothermal due diligence.